What is it about Mystery Boxes?

What is it about Mystery Boxes?

What is it about Mystery Boxes?

The rise of the mystery box has been taking eCommerce businesses by storm but why do we all love them so much..?

Humans have always loved an element of mystery, it’s what makes detective shows & movies so popular and even just the basic principle of gifts rely on that exciting sense of mystery, however, a mystery box puts consumers’ faith in a brand truly to the test.

The concept really took off in China & the US with companies such as Chinese toy company Pop Mart selling mystery toy boxes (see above) as their best-seller on their way to a $90 billion market cap!  This popularity has since gained real momentum on a global scale and in many ways is the perfect marriage with the rise of social media influencers. 

“Unboxing” has become a viral trend and it’s perfectly suited to engaging video content in a way that provides value outside of just the items that the consumers are receiving. Mystery boxes are an experience, a thrill, and in this post-Covid world, consumers don’t want shopping and experiences to be mutually exclusive.

Moving into our new Covent Garden store, we dipped our toes into the mystery box market with a monthly candle selection and we’ve been loving the way it mixes up our purchasing habits and pushes the boundaries of what we usually like.

If you’re looking to give the mystery box trend a go with one of our handpicked mystery boxes, rest assured your faith will be in good hands. Here’s a bit of detail about how the VT Mystery Boxes work:

  1. Handpicked - Every item we buy for our business is hand-selected by the two founders, meaning the quality, style and authenticity is always premium and truly vintage.
  2. Bespoke Categories - Our mystery box categories are tailored for whatever you feel might be lacking in your wardrobe with sweater, tees and even Nike options available. 
  3. Trend-setting selections - We always keep up to date with the latest trends from military pants to sweaters vests and all the grails in-between. You can trust our mystery boxes will have you looking fresh.
  4. Hidden Grails - To help keep the mystery in our boxes we like to add hidden grails in our boxes every week. Last week, our £30 single-item Mystery Box included a Burberry trench coat. There’s nothing better than an un-expected grail on your doorstep!

Check out our range of mystery boxes here and feel free to send us an email or drop us a DM on instagram for any further information.