A Chat With: Luchi Blue

A Chat With: Luchi Blue

A Chat With: Luchi Blue

In our latest content series that shines a light on up and coming artists, we sat down with musician, model and all round gent Luchi Blue to chat through his creative inspirations, views on success and the importance of just doing you.

Freddie Rose:
Yes g, great to be shooting with you again.  Do you wanna kick off with a bit of background on how we got this shoot together?

Luchi Blue:  It’s been a pleasure working with you guys over the last year. I really wanted to put a shoot together between all these talented creatives, especially to highlight these unique vintage pieces in more of editorial fashion. Collaboration always inspires the best creativity and I think you can see from the images that it’s been a great success.

FR: It's great to be doing this shoot today, bringing together artists from the Divergent workshops.  Can you tell me a bit about what Divergent do and how you guys met?"

LB: Divergent is a workshop set up by my close friend Hana Zebzabi. It’s a safe space for creatives to perfect and advance their photography and modelling, with help from experienced creative individuals and the star Hana Zebzabi herself.  There is no better Workshop that gives creatives the knowledge and skills to excel in their field.

FR: You’re a guy that works across a number of different creative angles like music, modelling etc. Why is it important for you to express yourself creatively?

LB: For me, being creative is the best way to express myself. My creativity has always been an output for my emotions and when I’m creating I feel joy and peace. I like to explore and challenge myself as much as possible by experimenting with different creative fields.

FR: Has music always been something that’s been a big part of your life or did you kinda stumble into it?

LB: Music is my life. Always has been and always will be. Ever since I was younger I have been obsessed and fascinated with music. I took a lot of time to really study my industry, learn and perfect my craft, and stay completely dedicated. It’s this mind set that has made me successful and will make my dreams manifest. 

FR: Do you have any cultural influences or icons that inspire you as a creator?

LB: I take inspiration from all areas of my life. I owe a lot to my dad for his early influence for my love of music. Introducing me to the works of Kanye West, Bob Marley and Jamiroquai. I think all these icons are people that are true genius. Another creative that has inspired me greatly is Childish Gambino. He is someone who has showed that its possible to be very successful over a wide range of different creatives fields and not just limit yourself to one. This is something I want to do with my career.

FR: We initially connected to create some autumn/winter content together and we loved how we could style all sorts of looks on you. How would you describe your own personal style? 

LB: I have always wanted to be different to everyone else and I think my style reflects that. I like to stand out and wear bright bold colours and lots of jewellery. We are often judged on our appearance first, so it’s important to me to put some thought into what I’m wearing. But at the same time, comfort is key for me, so you will catch me in a full blue tracksuit a lot. 

FR: Do you see fashion as a way of communicating to people how you are as an artist?

LB: Yes completely, people are inspired by all aspects of an artist and fashion sense is definitely a big one. I think the way I dress shows my confidence as an individual and separates me from the norm. This is exactly what I’m trying to show with my music, so fashion just furthers that. 

FR: We’ve seen a lot of different styles and trends emerge already over the last 6-12 months. What trends do you see emerging next?

LB: I feel like Y2K trends are on their way out. I feel like we are going to see more brands leaning into utility wear and multipurpose higher tech clothing. 

FR: What’s your vision for Luchi Blue the artist? Are you the sort of guy who likes to have a long-term vision or more of a go with the flow type?

LB: I’m definitely the type of person that has long-term visions and plans. I have been manifesting and carefully planning all my moves to get me to where I am. Luchi Blue is just a further expression of the real me. I don’t see my artist name as a different person to myself. I see lots of success for myself in music, fashion and many other creative fields. I don’t set myself a ceiling, there is always more things to learn and experiment with, I won’t limit my potential. 

FR: How would you define success for you as an artist?

LB: Success has many different meanings and they change from person to person. I think it’s important to celebrate success whether it’s big or small but never look at success as a final destination. There is always more you can do to grow and develop.