How to look after your vintage garments

At Vintage Threads sustainable fashion is not just about making a decision to buy
something vintage but also how you look after the item that you have purchased.
Clothing care itself accounts for around 30% of a garments total carbon footprint.
By taking good care of your vintage items, you can extend the life of the item and
also the investment you made in the item.

VT Rework, are the items made in-house by the Vintage Threads rework
department and will use a number of different materials to create some truly
unique items. If you are lucky enough to own a VT Rework item we advise only to
hand wash or dry clean the items, as the materials used or normally a mix of

When washing normal vintage items, they should contain the wash labels on the
inside of the garment, however we advise to wash on a low temperature ( 30
degrees or below ) and never to use a tumble dryer on vintage items.

We are always available for any specific questions on garment washing as we
understand some of the items we sell are 1 in a million and careful washing needs
to be considered!