5 Stone Island Styles From Familiar Faces

5 Stone Island Styles From Familiar Faces

5 Stone Island Styles From Familiar Faces

If there’s one positive to the sun disappearing and the the days getting shorter it’s got to be the opportunity to get a proper autumn/winter flex moving. 

There’s no better way to bring in the chillier times than giving your seasonal look a cheeky refresh and no one can answer your autumn/winter prayers better than Stone Island.

Here’s 5 style tips from familiar faces across the world of sport, music & entertainment to give you a few timely pointers on how to get the badge in…


The OG

 - Little did our 15 year old selves know that we were witnessing our first Stone Island pieces back when watching Green Street in the mid 00s, but damn this movie knows how to get the badge in. West Ham hooligan hero, Pete Dunham’s, Stone Island jacket is a true icon of Stoney style, bringing together a gorgeous cream colourway, signature British trench detailing and of course, the blackout arm badge. Whether you’re piling into the away end at the weekend or just looking to flex a bit of an alternative to Burberry, this styling is pure Stone Island casual.

Jay Z


- The perfect seasonal styling from the don that is Jay Z and let’s face it, if he’s managed to lure Beyonce in with his badge skills then we’re all ears. This super cosy fit has that little extra detailing with a pop of the collar and a classy lighter colour tone that really gives the badge that extra prominence. We love the oversized styling and texture of the piece that Jay Z pulls of perfectly with this fit, giving the impression of an experienced Stoney head.


The Pep


 - It’s only natural that arguably the greatest manager of all time knows how to get the badge in. Pep’s Stoney styling gives a whole new class to the badge as he opts for a nicely fitted look that brings a calming authority to his outfit. We love simple colour tones that Pep goes for and this kind of style is a great platform for any Stone Island fan, let the badge add the flair.


The Noel


- We love this laidback Sunday strolling look from Oasis legend, Noel Gallagher. This one is all about that “throw on” look that just oozes old school charm in a way that only Stone Island can pull off. The centre seam on this is such a nice example of classic Stoney design, beautifully simple.

The Drake


- Nobody has done more for the Stone Island brand in recent years than the legendary Drake. If you’re ever stuck for ways to style your latest Stoney piece, look no further, this guy has done it all. From chunky outerwear to old school sweaters and even a Stoney Wimbledon fit, Drake is the master of getting the badge in… facts. This classic puffer styling is the perfect number to get us in the groove for the autumn/winter treasures. The things we would do to have a rummage around his collection!

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