VT’s 5 Types of Skier

VT’s 5 Types of Skier

VT’s 5 Types of Skier

As we shake off the post-Christmas hangover and rally our way through January, there are few better things to look forward to in the winter months than a cheeky ski trip, So, with our first Ski Collection of the year just touching down on the site, we couldn’t resist putting together our 5 Types of Skier that you just know you’re gonna find on any skiing holiday.  Click the photos to shop the looks.... Which skier is a bit of you?

The Bond Villain

One of the more mystical Ski figures but turn on your Spidey senses and the Bond Villains are popping up in all sorts of places. Their day usually starts in their private chalet, deeply nestled into the woodland, where they enjoy a black coffee and putting on their signature all noir, slim fitting one-piece. They ski gracefully, hips jinking in a fluid motion with an optional furry headpiece in tow, ready to accelerate at any citing of a James Bond figure worthy of racing. Their glass of lunch-time Champagne is more of an essential than a luxury and you may well need one as well if you are to spot a Bond Villain, they usually only stop off at the most high-end of slope-side eateries.

The Après Animal

Yes, the Après Animal will put some skis on throughout the week, they might even enjoy it while they’re doing it but make no mistake, the Après Animal is in town for one reason and one reason only, the Après mate. The first mention of the Folie Douce will usually arrive each day at around 10am, shortly after the boozy lunch suggestion and the hip flask appearance… standard. We don’t need to tell you where you’ll most likely find this session head but look out for the impractical ski outfit or the giggliest one in the gondola and you’re all set.

The Ski Seasonairrrrre

Perhaps the most iconic of all types of skiers, from when you touch down in your alpine destination of choice to the moment you get on that sweaty coach back to the airport, you’re never more than 5 metres away from a “Seasonairrrrre”. Most commonly found on the first lift up bragging about being a “first lifter” after an all-nighter at Cocorico, which from the sound of their foghorn voice was “a pretty saweet night”. Other ways to spot a Seasonaire include a goggle tan, fancy dress, que jumping and judgemental looks at the Ski shop.

The “I Actually Snowboard Mate”

This might be called the 5 Types of Skiers but how dare you suggest this person would actually be a skier, it’s just so not “rad” enough. The Snowboarder is an altogether more complicated figure, they don’t think like Skiers, act like Skiers or, if they can help it, talk to Skiers. They are simply a cut above the rest, and they aren’t afraid to dress like it with a typically hard outfit of a chunky puffer, baggy trousers and minimal headwear. This iconic combination can most frequently be spotted at the Snow Park or toking a couple of spliffs behind the skate shop. 

The Mid-Morning Cruiser

The mid-morning cruiser puts the holiday in Skiing holiday, and they don’t like being rushed for anyone. This laidback tour member is all about the good vibes with a fresh 90s ski look that isn’t trying too hard but also knows the brief.  They might not be the best skier, but they’ll get from A to B with a minimum of fuss and they’ll have a damn good time doing it. Don’t be surprised if this cruiser is nowhere to be seen for a day or two, they’re partial to a boxset and spa session when the hangover is really biting but don’t worry about them, they’ll rally for the evening.

If you’re heading off on a skiing trip over the next few months, check out our latest Ski Collection that’s just dropped on the site, packed full of old school 80s, 90s and early 00s skiwear.