VT's Style Me is the only vintage styling service in the world that offers personalised recommendations, based on your interests and preferences, to curate you a perfect selection of outfits.

All you have to do is fill in some basic questions about your size preferences, any upcoming occasions and your style inspirations and our in-house styling team will come back to you with some outfit options within 72 hours.

We are constantly sourcing new pieces every day and have thousands of pieces both on our website and in our East London studio. You can cut out the time you might spend searching through our items and have us do the leg work for you, by putting together some fresh fits from pieces that may not have hit the website yet.

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Our aim is to provide the most unique hand-picked vintage clothing to a global customer base, all at a reasonable price with first class service. We specialise in a combination of old school sportswear and 80s & 90s designer pieces, showcasing items from a wide range of brands, including Nike, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Fendi, YSL, Prada, Gucci and many many more…

With sustainability at the core of our brand, we also love giving clothes that we find on our travels that have minor defects a whole new life through our hand-stitched VT Rework collections.

Each VT Rework collection is made entirely from damaged items and discarded materials to create some really unique pieces that have been designed and hand-stitched by our in-house team.

Whilst we try and be as accurate as we can with our size guide all vintage items have unique fits, so we’ll do our best to source the freshest fits for your preferences.

Sometimes you can’t help but fancy mixing up your style choices with an extra streetwear element or going back to the classic chic designer fabrics.

If you would ever like to get any inspiration first hand, come down to our East London studio where you can shop 2000+ items in person.

If anything pops into your head over the next couple of days that you think will help with our styling session, feel free to drop us a DM on instagram or send an email to theteam@vintage-threads.com. Peace ✌️