The 5 Types of Ravers - Which One Are You?

The 5 Types of Ravers - Which One Are You?

The 5 Types of Ravers - Which One Are You?

To even be writing this is a sign that the good times are back.  Festivals are back on the calendar; parties are in the pipeline and the good old raving and misbehaving we’ve all been craving is officially back on the cards.  With the day parties back in business and the dance floors shuffling once again we wanted to celebrate by bringing our five types of ravers that we can’t wait to see back in the mixer…  Which one are you?

The All-Out Flair Raver

This particular raver’s been waiting a long time for the green light to get back out there.  They might have been tempted to curse Boris for keeping us locked up for so long, but they don’t believe in bad vibes and just wanna splash some colour about.  The flair raver’s typical environment involves a sack full of LSD, a couple of emergency zoots and a penchant for getting in people’s personal space.  This look is all about a big jazzy statement piece, not much underneath, some beaten up shorts to loosen the legs and a trusty pair of shades (they’re probably about to break).  Always delivering 110% at all times, the flair raver has their ups and downs along the way but what would a rave be without them!?

Most likely to bump into at:  Houghton, Lost Village, Bestival

The Blackout Bandit

A straight up mood, the blackout raver doesn’t mess with the formula: chewing gum, shifty looks and all sorts of mischief.  The bandit isn’t just the dark horse in the group but an altogether loose character that always adds an element of surprise to the evening, whether it be some extra strong pingers or a tasty scrap with a rival raver.  Usually, one to go under the radar until their moment strikes, their natural habitat tends to include being right in the mixer, some punchy techno beats and a customary gun finger.  This look isn’t hard to attempt but it’s very hard to perfect, we’ve gone for some blackout Prada outerwear with matching bucket hat, a no-nonsense side bag, sharp shorts, and essential dark shades.

Most likely to bump into at: Berghain, Love Box, Wireless

The Two Stepper

If Frozone from The Incredibles was a raver this would be him.  Ice cool at all times of the day, when the bouncers start getting lairy or someone loses the bag you always want the two stepper by your side, keeping things chill and never breaking from the two step. Most commonly found with their keys in a mystery bag at the front left of a dance tent with a nice little pocket of space for steppin, no one can wipe the smile off the face of the coolest cat in the cage.  Never far away from a breezy open shirt, laidback shorts and a fresh pair of kicks, this look is all about effortless good vibes with a side of charm.  Don’t ever change two stepper.

Most likely to bump into at: Sonar, Defected, Outlook

The Born Survivor

A truly iconic member of the rave community… behind every great rave is a Born Survivor. The Bear Grylls of the festival circuit, they are prepared for all manner of outcomes, leaving their tent every day dressed for battle, ready for war.  Most of us fear the rain coming down as the tunes are popping but the Born Survivor is waiting for it, ready to zip up the tech wear and bang on the bucket hat with a smug smile creeping through.  Frequenting any outdoor stage they can find with a waterproof side bag full of naughties, this look is all about a sharp Arc’teryx jacket, some power Nike ACG trousers, a crisp Stussy bucket hat and a pair of chunking treads to finish it off… they know the drill.

Most likely to bump into at: Creamfields, Parklife, any underground rave

The Sunrise Sessioner

Underestimate the Sunrise Sessioner at your peril.  Although giving the perception of an all-action impact player on the dancefloor, this raver has a dark side and is in it for the long term. Here for a good time and a long time, the Sunrise Sessioner may occasionally have the odd wobble in their quest for sunrise but whilst the legs might look like destined for an early bedtime, the seemingly bottomless warm tinny they’re holding is the anchor for a ship that keeps finding a second wind. Powered by just about anything they can get their hands on, the Sunrisers nose is made of steel, but their outfits built for comfort – baggy old school shorts, wavey button down shirt, three-day old socks and shades hiding an evil glint in their eye - they’re just happy doing what they do best for as long as they can. Ride the wave.

Most likely to bump into at: Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Meadow in the Mountains

Which raver do you think you are?  Think we missed any off the list, drop us a DM with your thoughts and let us know who we’re missing. See you on the dancefloors…