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The Brand History of Kappa

The Brand History of Kappa

Where did Kappa come from?

For our next instalment of ‘Brand History’ we will be taking a look at how Kappa was created.

Where did it come from and what does it stand for?

Known as Omini, it’s a silhouette of a man (left) and woman (right) sitting back to back in the nude. Created in 1968 by mere accident. After a photo shoot for a bathing suit advertisement, a man and a woman were sitting back-to-back, naked, with the outlines of their bodies traced by the back lighting. The photographers knew they had something, and the idea grew into what is now the logo for ‘Robe di Kappa’, or the Kappa brand, which was later attributed to the active and sportswear. It symbolizes the mutual support between man and woman, and their completion.

Notable Events

1916 – Abramo Vital creates the corporation, “Calzificio Torinese.” Following the donation of a weaving machine, he begins the production of socks.

1958 – Following a complaint from several clients, the Vitale family establishes the “K-Kontroll”, a label that guarantees the quality of its products. The “K” appears on all the products from the company Vitale, giving rise to the name “Kappa” a registered trademark since 1967

1968 – It was during a photo shoot for swimwear catalog Beatrix that Maurizio Vitale found the identity of Robe di Kappa: A photo of a man and a woman, sitting back-to-back, becomes the brands logo.

1984 – Official olympic uniforms were created under the advice of Dr. Kuznetz from NASA. Inspired by the uniforms of cosmonauts, he drew the American outfits and used the colour silver to reflect light and keep the athletes bodies cool. The shoes were made by the Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Kappa in Football

A strategy that opens the brand internationally

Maurizio Vitale, convinced of the influence of sport on the world, is the first in Italy to sponsor a football team, confident in the ability for teams to inspire belief in his brand. Juventus repping the Kappa below.

1898 : AC Milan won the Champions League

1989: Kappa were the official sponsors of AC Milan, who won the Champions League for the third time.
At this time, AC Milan is the largest club in Europe. Here are the boys looking smart.

1997 : A successful year for Ronaldo and FC Barcelona
Sporting the Kappa shirt, FC Barcelona won their 23rd King’s Cup and their 4th European Cup. Meanwhile, Ronaldo won the title of top scorer in La Liga, the Ballon d’Or, and was voted player of the year by FIFA. Look at a younger Mourinho and Van Gaal below. Even Sir Bobby Robson was involved.

1999 : An innovative development for Kappa
Known for product development in Italy, Kappa became the first company to produce the skin-tight fit stretchy shirt for it’s sponsored football teams in the Italian Football Federation (FIGC). They also signed a contract for a four year official sponsorship of the Italian national team.

Since then Kappa has had been busy with sponsorships from rugby to basketball to sailing, to the national team of Fiji. They’ve got a diverse catalogue of style.

What’s even more interesting is their electronic music festival, held in Torino.

That’s a respectable line up.

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