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The Brand History of Chaps

The Brand History of Chaps

Who doesn’t love a naughty Chaps number!?

There are very few brands that you can get that perfect vintage feel from more than Chaps but whilst we all know they’re part of our beloved Ralph Lauren family, there is a real mystique around the brand that is cherished by so many of us vintage lovers.

Founded in 1978, the Chaps brand was Ralph Lauren’s retaliation to the counterfeit market that was emerging across US fashion.  The launch of their short-sleeved collared sport shirt, that is so famous now, blew the brand up into a whole new stratosphere and the demand was exceeding the supply, the genuine supply that is.

Whereas nowadays we can all embrace a bit of bootleg, the bigwigs at Ralph Lauren were understandably very frustrated at Polo fakes flooding the market and decided to create a more affordable line to compete against the growing market of non-affluent Americans who wanted to wear Ralph Lauren.

As such, the Chaps brand was born and rapidly became one of the organizations most successful experiments. Typified by big stripes, thick-knit jumpers and large spellouts, the Chaps Ralph Lauren ranges are some of the best of the whole 80s and 90s casual sportswear era and a real favorite of ours at Vintage Threads.

With loads more items from our restocks in Italy, London and Amsterdam set to hit the site in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for some filthy Chaps numbers and grab yourself a bit of Ralph history.

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