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Our Top 5 90s Style Icons to Inspire Your Summer

Our Top 5 90s Style Icons to Inspire Your Summer

Oh summer… you naughty little rascal.  God how we love you and your epic festivals and pub gardens, wavey shirts and sunny days, long evenings and shorter shorts, reminding us why we we manage to survive the other 8 months.

Summer is here and in true MC Devvo style we’re fuckin’ fuckin’ buzzin’ to get ourselves in the mixer and donning the freshest garms in the game.  To kick off a brand-new summer of stylish misdemeanors we thought it’d be cool to give you our favourite 90s style icons to inspire your summer choices.

In no particular order…

Leonardo di Caprio

The undisputed don of almost anything he chooses to put on, Leo will always be a style god to the 90s generation that saw him go from effortlessly suave in Romeo & Juliet (right) to gap-year chic for The Beach in Thailand.  As well as his devilish good looks, Leo has an innate ability to get the best out of everything he wears from Adidas caps to plain white tees. Some people can look fly in a bin bag and this man is one of those.

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David Beckham

The sweetest right foot in the business, our dearest ‘Golden Balls’ will forever go down as a pioneer in men’s fashion throughout the 90s.  He put white boots on the map in the greatest predators ever made (Manias 2001-02) and his flair and swagger was equaled off it with some bold  black leather get ups, sleeveless tee shirts and daring doo rags. 

No look is a look too far for D Becks, however, our favourite bit of DB7 style to carry into this summer is his penchant for rave shades with these naughty yellows (left) just one example.

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Liam Gallagher

A real driving force for modernist style, LG picked up the ‘mod’ movement from the 70s and carried it into the 90s and beyond.  With an ironic twist, bands such as Oasis, The Verve and Blur transformed looking neat, streamlined and smart into a statement of nonchalance and Liam was right at the heart of this, teaming smart shirts, overcoats and Chelsea boots with tinnies, fags and the occasional ‘fuck you’.

Still a style icon for many of us, LG remains a legend amongst pop culture and an enduring symbol of what it means to not give a fuck.  As You Were. X 

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Will Smith

If anyone in the world can claim to be the biggest influence in 90s fashion and it’s enduring powers then it’s probably the Fresh Prince himself, Mr Willard Smith.  Whether alongside the legendary Carlton Banks or the iconic Jazzy Jeff, Will Smith bought the fun and colour to, in our humble opinion, the greatest fashion era of all time.  Vibey prints, outrageous colours, snap backs, spellouts and dungarees are all synonymous with the multi-talented lyric spitting Oscar winner.

If we had 10 minutes to restock from any wardrobe in the world, it’d be an absolute no brainer.  Thank you Will, for leading the way.

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Snoop Dogg

Plenty of rappers had an impact on 90s fashion, but none had as jokes a time doing it as Mr Snoop Doggy Dogg.  Bringing showmanship and effortless cool to the forefront of self-expression, Snoop built himself an identity amongst some stiff competition and put the West Coast swagger on the map

Reflecting his flow with long plaid shirts, baggy jeans, and Cross Colours jackets, Snoop can also mix it up with fur coats and gold jewellery, before putting the suit in tracksuit in a mold that many could only dream of.

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Anyway, that’s our top 5 90s style icons but we’d love to hear yours!  Drop us a DM on insta to let us know yours and be in with a chance of winning a £10 voucher if they’re feature on the page.

As ever, Stay Tuned.

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