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Be Green, Wear Vintage

Be Green, Wear Vintage

As you might expect, there’s nothing we love more than pulling on a fresh comfy vintage garm but one of the best aspects of vintage clothing is the alternative they offer to the environmentally effects of ‘fast fashion’.

Fast fashion defines the rapid change of trends, the speed of purchasing clothes and the pace with which they are discarded and replaced. Since 2000, global clothes production has more than doubled, and the average person now buys 60% more clothes every year, keeping them for half as long as they did 15-20 years ago.

Our #BeGreenWearVintage campaign encourages people to try and be more sustainable in their approach to fashion and explore alternatives such as charity shops, vintage sellers, swapping with friends and Depop.

To help encourage this we have launched the #CharityShopChallenge..

Take part in the #CharityShopChallenge by follow the steps below.

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